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DUET stories

DUET storeis are a series of four “metaphysical romance” novels by Brownell.  There are 4 books in the DUET stories series, following Paige and Griffin through their adventure to discover if they were born again to be together.  

A DUET is defined as a “contribution for two voices.”  In a similar manner, DUET stories are a collection of books written from more than one voice or point of view, so you can get “both sides of the story.” 

DUET stories are written to entertain, inform and enlighten.  

DUET stories are fiction, yet they are also “truth,” demonstrating the subtle nuances of relationships.  The forces that draw people together.  And sometimes keep them apart. 

The books are, of course, fiction, since we’re looking at fictional characters. They are, also, in many ways, a form of “truth.” 

Lose yourself in the fiction… Find yourself in the truth.

Each book is available in both Adult and PG versions.