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Want More?

Brownell has other books, stories and screenplays, some currently published and others in development:

  • DUET stories – a series of metaphysical love stories.
  • Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen: How to Turn Tragedies Into Triumph – a nonfiction book by Brownell
  • Sometimes I Wonder and This Isn’t My First Time – two Wonderactive Books written and illustrated by Brownell
  • Fifty Shades Deeper – with 150 fans around the world discussing the Deeper messages and insights in the Fifty Shades worldwide phenomenon.
  • And more to come.  Stay tuned!



DUET stories Volume I:
The Song Begins

Volume I Adult Version
Volume I PG Version

Volume I Paperback (PG)

DUET stories Volume II:
The Tempo Builds

Volume II Adult Version
Volume II PG Version

Volume II Paperback (PG)

DUET stories Volume III:
A Chorus of Voices

Volume III Adult Version 
Volume III PG Version

Volume III Paperback (PG)

DUET stories Volume IV: Repercussions

Volume IV Adult Version
Volume IV PG Version

Volume IV Paperback (PG)

Fifty Shades Deeper


Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen



Wonderactive Books!

Sometimes I Wonder:

This Isn't My First Time: